26.2 Lessons on the Run with God

Sometimes you just gotta start.  You’re not sure if it’s gonna go down in flames or turn out to be one of those pivotal life changes.  All you know is what got you here is not what will get you there.  So you start.

That’s what moved me from the couch to the Boston Marathon.  Well, it’s what got me started.  I haven’t gotten to Boston yet.  I’ve gotten to 26.2 eight times in eight states, but not Boston.  My friend Don King (no really, that’s his real name) talked me out of running Boston as a bandit, “you gotta eahn Bahston”.  So, 15 years later I’m still doing what I started.

Because I started, I have medals, certificates, pictures and shirts.  I have runs in the snow, runs in the rain; runs of beauty and runs of pain; runs in the teens and runs in the 90’s; runs in the dark and runs through the park.

Because I started, I have run with thousands and run alone; run up and run down and pretty much all around; run past a bunch and got passed by a bunch more; run with a stranger who finished  as a friend; run with a guy who dropped out just before the end.

But most of all, because I started, I have lessons learned.  In the long miles on the road, I have learned that running is a lot like life.  If you stay with it and keep your eyes open, the lessons just happen.  So, it’s time to start again.

I’m starting this blog to share 26.2 lessons that running has taught me about people and life and God.  I’d like to invite you to join me on this journey, because one of the lessons I learned is that it’s easier to go the distance if someone is running with you.

Each week I’m going to post another blog– a lesson that might one day join 25.2 others in a book.  But that’s the end– that’s Boston– and I’m not there yet.  I’m just starting.  And someday I hope to be writing in a book, “And because I started…”

All I know is right now, I gotta start.